Friday, 26 February 2016

Unintelligible Yelling

There was another Republican Presidential debate last night. Pretty much summed up in one image:

Donald Trump needed to be taken down and two of his four remaining rivals tried to do just that. Both Ted Cruz and (especially) Marco Rubio were determined to land a blow on the billionaire. They attacked his failure to publish his tax returns, his plans for healthcare, his alleged business failings and his use of illegal immigrant labour.

But most of the debate descended into shouting which will have done no candidate much good. Only John Kasich stayed determinedly above the squabbling. But the moral high ground has very low poll numbers.

The commentators seem to have split between awarding the win to Trump and Rubio. So maybe Rubio will pick up a few points ahead of the eleven state Super Tuesday next week. But with Trump now so far ahead, what Rubio really needs is for his rivals - particularly Ted Cruz - to drop out of the race and give him a clear run against Trump.


Meanwhile, there is a very important election going on today.

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