Sunday, 11 January 2015

Three new homes proposed for land at Newport

Cornwall Council has received an application to build three new homes on land at Newport in Launceston. The houses will be built behind Quarry Lane as indicated on the plans.

My greatest concern with this proposal is about access. The lane into and out of the development will be very narrow and there will be little in the way of sight lines for cars trying to exit onto the main A388 St Thomas Road.

Opposite this lane is Priory Lane. This is a very difficult junction to exit as drivers have to put their nose out into the road to be able to see both ways. And yet it appears to be a wider junction with better sight lines than this proposal.

I have asked planning officers to look carefully at the highways aspects of this proposal and await their views on these and other matters with interest. If any local residents have views on this proposal, please have our say on the official planning page here.

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David said...

It is true this junction gives very poor sightlines to the motorist and any right turn onto St Thomas Road would be almost impossible during peak traffic hours. Nevertheless any development in areas of Launceston that need regeneration should be welcome. Could not the developers come to some harmonious arrangement with neighbouring properties to create better access?