Tuesday, 23 September 2014

North Cornwall Conservative campaigns for more politicians and bureaucracy

Whilst his colleague in Truro is railing against a Cornish Assembly because she says it will mean another layer of bureaucracy and elected politicians (it needn't), North Cornwall Conservative candidate Scott Mann is campaigning for, er, another layer of bureaucracy and elected politicians.

At today's full council meeting, Cllr Mann said he wanted to create a new tier of councils below Cornwall Council - something akin to the former district councils. But he forgets that the switch to unitary is widely credited with helping to save £170m by abolishing administration, bureaucracy and hundreds of councillors. Dozens of highly paid council chiefs were also abolished.

If Cllr Mann's idea was taken up then money would have to be diverted from libraries, leisure centres and caring for vulnerable people in order to pay for more bureaucracy.

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