Saturday, 5 July 2014

Costa seeking town square tables and chairs

Two weeks ago I blogged about an application by Costa Coffee seeking change of use permission to open a coffee shop in Launceston Town Square in the currently empty shop at 24 Broad Street. Costa have now made a further submission for pre-application advice to site chairs and tables outside the shop in the square.

Pre-application advice is a mechanism whereby someone can ask (and pay for) Cornwall Council planning officers to give their expert opinion on a proposal. It is not a proposal or application in itself and the council's final decision on any subsequent planning application is not bound by the opinion they give at this stage.

So if Costa like what they hear from the planners then they may decide to submit a formal application for seating. At that stage, the public would be asked for their opinion in the normal way.

Of course, just because Costa might eventually apply for and get planning permission to site tables and chairs in the square doesn't mean it would necessarily happen. They would need the permission of the land owner.

If you have any comments on the original application, you can make them here by 9th July.

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