Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Are you concerned about dog fouling in Launceston? UPDATED

Cornwall Council is set to run a free evening workshop in Launceston to show local residents how to effectively report dog fouling incidents.

This morning my fellow councillor Jade Farrington and I met with dog wardens and other council staff to discuss additional ways of tackling the problem in Launceston as it is an issue we receive a lot of complaints about. As well as recruiting volunteers and conducting extra high visibility patrols the council is keen to teach people how to effectively report incidents so that action can be taken. This can range from writing letters (which works in some instances) to issuing fixed penalty notices or prosecuting where necessary.

The workshop will be arranged for an evening in Launceston at a time to suit those who would like to come. If you are concerned by dog fouling and you want to see more action taken then I would encourage you to come along. You will be able to learn more about what dog wardens do, how they operate and what the law is. You'll also find out exactly what information to submit to the council to ensure prompt action can be taken against those who fail to pick up after their pets and it can be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

To express your interest please email me (alexfolkes@gmail.com) with your phone number, email address and postal address.

UPDATE - The workshop will be held on 16th July at 6pm. The venue is to be confirmed.

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