Monday, 12 May 2014

Latest consultants and agency spending figures

Apparently there was some concern that the last Cornwall Council cabinet meeting was not told about spending on consultants and agency staff. There was a thought that this might have been because the spending had actually gone up.

Fortunately, I can confirm that the Lib Dem/Independent administration continues to cut this wasteful spending, an area where the former Tory administration was happy to throw money.

February figures:
April to February 2013/2014                                           £4,695,563
April to February 2012/2013                                           £11,173,910
Reduction in spend:                                                        £6,478,348
February Monthly spend 2014 (4week month):                 £246,605
February Monthly spend 2013 (4week month):                 £836,477

March figures:
April to March 2013/2014:                                              £4,966,824
April to March 2013/2014:                                              £12,148,140
Reduction in Spend:                                                       £7,181,316
March Monthly Spend 2014 (5 week month):                    £269,169
March Monthly Spend 2013 (5 week month):                    £974,228
So over the entire financial year 2013/14, the bill for consultants and agency staff fell by 59.12%. In my book, that's quite some achievement. Congratulations to all the staff involved in making this happen.

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