Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Scott Mann's budget attack highlights his failures - Updated

Conservative councillor Scott Mann certainly wins the award for breath-taking hypocrisy. Last week he issued a press release attacking the council's budget. But neither he, nor his Conservative colleagues did anything about this when they had the chance. Indeed, Cllr Mann couldn't even be bothered to turn up when the budget and council tax was being debated and voted on in February.

At a time when the council is having to make £196 million of savings, there are always going to be tough choices. I understand that the will be different views as to where the cuts should be made. That's why I hosted 25 public meetings to listen to what the people of Cornwall had to say - a process derided by the Tories as a waste of time.

But when it came time to listen to the different options from the political parties, there was no alternative from the Tories or anyone else. They had nothing whatsoever to say for themselves.

Cllr Mann also claims that the council should be cutting chief officer salaries. If he bothered to turn up once in a while, Cllr Mann would know that the council is cutting its director numbers from six to three and has cut the pay rates for top officers too.

Cllr Mann wants to become our MP. But what use is he when he doesn't turn up for the crucial debate and votes that matter to local people?

UPDATE: Cllr Mann clearly doesn't like being challenged as he has taken to twitter to threaten me. Is this really the sort of thing that is appropriate for a would be MP?

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