Thursday, 6 March 2014

Information Commissioner investigating Police Boss Hogg

The Information Commissioner's office has confirmed that they are investigating the refusal by Devon and Cornwall's Tory Police Commissioner to reveal the pay off given to ex Chief Executive Sue Howl.

Ms Howl was the former Chief Exec of the Police Authority but left less than a year after the new Police Commissioner Tony Hogg took up his post. Officially, this was 'to pursue other challenges'. I asked whether she had been given a pay off, but Mr Hogg refused to answer, citing confidentiality issues.

My argument is that when public money is involved, there should be a much higher presumption in favour of publication. I'm particularly concerned if a pay off was given when she apparently left of her own accord. In the real world, if someone chooses to leave their job then they aren't given money to go. If, on the other hand, a payment is given then it tends to suggest that she was pushed rather than jumped.

I await the judgement of the Information Commissioner.

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