Friday, 21 March 2014

Another £10 million to repair Cornwall's storm damage

Cornwall will be getting more than £10 million from the government to help repair our roads and other crucial infrastructure following the winter’s bad weather. That’s really good news and takes Cornwall more than halfway towards the total bill caused by the floods and storms.

The latest bill for repairs is around £24 million. We know that roughly £4 million of this was in the form of emergency works and some of this will be covered by the revised Bellwin scheme. We expect to get around £2 million back from Bellwin.

The latest news is a second pot will bring £10.76 million to fix potholes and other roads damaged by the bad weather.

That still leaves around £11 million more which is unfunded to date. I understand that the government is making further money available via the Environment Agency and the council will have to bid for this. We believe that we have a strong case and that Cornwall needs this support to put things back to ‘normal’ after the events of this winter. Even with the money announced to date, the council could not afford to pick up the rest of the bill.

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