Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dan Rogerson launches campaign to extend rail services to North Cornwall

After the failure of the main rail line at Dawlish, the government have committed to both repairing that line and looking at how to make rails services in Devon and Cornwall more resilient into the future. One option is to re-open the route from Exeter via Okehampton and Tavistock to Plymouth.

North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson is asking the government to consider also extending the rail line into North Cornwall.

At the moment, there isn't a single yard of rail line in North Cornwall served by national rail services.

Cornwall Council is taking the lead in re-opening the line from Bodmin Parkway (which is actually in South East Cornwall) through to Bodmin Town. That will be a small but significant benefit to the town.

But what North Cornwall really needs is a proper rail service such as that which existed before 1967 and the Beeching cuts. It would be a huge boost for our visitor industry as well as local businesses and the many residents who cannot afford cars.

If you support Dan's campaign, sign the petition here.

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