Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cornwall Council announces management shake-up

Cornwall Council is proposing a radical shake up of its management structure as part of plans re-shape the authority to deliver services in different ways in the future. Under the changes the current structure of six directorates will be reduced to three covering:
  • Economy and the environment
  • Localism, business management, organisational development, community safety and protection
  • Education, social care and health
The restructuring is supported by the Council’s Cabinet and will see the number of corporate directors reduced from six to three, delivering initial savings of around £400,000. Once the new corporate directors have been appointed the shape and structure of all the services within the new directorates will be reviewed. This will deliver further management savings which will help protect frontline services.

“We need to re-shape the Council to better suit the way we will deliver services in the future. This top level restructure is the first part of that process,” said Andrew Kerr, the new chief executive. “We are also faced with the huge challenge of having to reduce our spending by £190m over the next four years. Streamlining the organisation is one way of reducing our costs although a management restructure will not in itself deliver all the savings we need.”

Following his appointment in January Mr Kerr has worked closely with the cabinet to identify key drivers for change the Council over the next four years. Details of the re organisation were outlined to Members and staff today. Formal consultation will now take place with the affected staff before the start of the appointment process.

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