Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Upper Chapel development - appeal details announced

The proposed development of 100 homes at Upper Chapel in Launceston - which was rejected unanimously by Cornwall Council last year - is now the subject of an appeal by the applicants.

The appeal is likely to be heard in March (a period of four days starting on March 18th is tentatively booked) and will take place in the town hall. Local people will be able to have their say and are encouraged to come along to show their support for the original decision even if they do not want to speak.

I think it is good that the type of appeal taking place is a full public inquiry as it allows the town council and residents to make their case - rather than simply rely on Cornwall Council. That's not to say that Cornwall Council won't also be acting to vigorously defend the decision to reject. Together with Adam Paynter I met with officers today to discuss how the case should be handled.

This evening the town council also discussed the appeal. The decision was taken to employ a planning consultant at a cost of £13,000 to present the best possible case on behalf of the town. This was a tight decision - not because any member of the town council does not want to fight this development as hard as possible. Instead it was more about the sort of case that the council should present - a slick and professional one or the community case which might be slightly rougher edged but would have more genuine passion and would stand out more.

Although all the evidence and submissions that were made surrounding the original decision will be passed to the inspector and consider by him or her, there is still an opportunity for anyone who wants to make written representations to do so. These must be submitted by February 10th in writing (send three copies) to:

R L Wordsworth
The Planning Inspectorate
3/26 Hawk Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol BS1 6PN

The inspector, when appointed, will make it clear how any oral representations by members of the public can be made.

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