Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tory candidate welcomes Lib Dem parking charge cuts (but then, he did nothing about the issue when in power)

Scott Mann, the Conservative candidate for North Cornwall, has taken to the press to welcome the Lib Dem cuts to parking charges. Some may see this as very cheeky. I'd prefer to take Scott at face value and welcome his support for our efforts.

Of course, Scott thinks that the council should go further and worries that the new charges may still be too much for someone on minimum wage. Indeed, he says that councils should not be treating parking as 'a cash cow'.

I chuckled a bit at that one.

You see, until last May the Conservatives were in charge of Cornwall Council and didn't do a thing to help motorists - whether on minimum wage or not. Indeed, they had a policy of continually raising parking charges year after year. The Lib Dems campaigned for lower parking charges and were ignored by the Tories. I don't recall hearing a peep from Scott on the subject.

Then in last year's budget amendment, the Lib Dems won our campaign to get parking charge cuts. The Tories did nothing to put this into effect whilst they were still in power but, as soon as the election was over and Lib Dems were in the cabinet, we made sure that our promise was fulfilled and charges have been cut.

I'm sure that the voters of North Cornwall will decide for themselves whether it is better for them to have Scott in a position to make a difference or sitting on the sidelines welcoming Lib Dems fulfilling their promises.

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