Monday, 16 December 2013

Does Theresa May want to restrict the right of Cornish to work in England?

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, was all over the media this morning in order to refuse to answer questions about a new immigration proposal which was mysteriously leaked from her own department.

One of the proposals she wouldn't talk about was the idea that migrants from new EU countries could be refused the right to work in the UK until their home country had reached a certain level of wealth. The idea being to restrict the ability to move for economic reasons.

Instead of Mrs May, the boss of think tank Demos, David Goodhart, was put up for interview and he made it clear that the restriction would apply to countries where the GDP per capita was less than 75% of the EU average. (He also made it clear that such a proposal is currently against the law).

Just a thought, but there is one part of the UK which currently has an income level of less than 75% of the EU average - and that is Cornwall. Does Mrs May want to restrict the right of people from Cornwall to look for work in England as a next step? (I assume not)

Perhaps Mrs May ought to concentrate her efforts on ensuring that every part of the UK is at or above the EU wealth average before she starts seeking to impose new restrictions on others. One thing she could do is to argue the case for fairer funding for rural areas, like Cornwall, in the council settlement due to be published on Wednesday.

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