Friday, 15 November 2013

Not raising councillor allowances

It's a little over six months since the elections to Cornwall Council and you know what hasn't happened in all that time? The new Liberal Democrat - Independent administration hasn't tried to raise councillor allowances even once.

Such a change to the old days of Conservative leadership when you could hardly go five minutes without a proposal to review allowances.

In fact, the only discussion about councillor allowances has been about cutting them and getting rid of some of the perks that councillors enjoy that seem out of place with the modern world.

Of course, some will argue that no one in their right minds would consider raising councillor allowances in the current economic climate. Except that the Conservatives in Wiltshire have done just that - raising the basic allowance paid to all councillors by 1% and Special Responsibility Allowances paid to the top councillors by an eye-watering 22%.

Just for info - the last time SRAs were considered in Cornwall (needed because we adopted a new constitutional model) the overall bill was actually cut.


Phil said...

Given the cuts you will be making in the next 4 years you should be planning to slash the number of councillors too. I know because of the bureaucracy it will take time.

Most other budgets will be more than decimated. Why is spenduing on councillors merely being held?

Phil said...

You are going to decimate and more almost everything and more in the next few years.

Why dont you reduce the number of councillors too? I know there's bureaucracy and it will take time. Just holding spending on councillors is no longer good enough.