Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Carn Brea proposals get the official go ahead

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the recommendation by the Finance Committee to accept my suggestion to move the running track from Carn Brea to Redruth School. The track must move as the land is being sold to a developer.

Today's cabinet meeting agreed the deal and so work will begin to make it happen.

The saga of the redevelopment of Carn Brea has been going on for some time. The previous administration threatened to merge the running track with the facility in Par. There's nothing wrong with Par (where there is already a track) but it would mean abandoning the strong athletics community in the west.

My aim has always been to keep a track in West Cornwall (as well as the existing track in Par) and we considered two options there (and one in Truro). The favoured option of Redruth School will still need to be worked on, but I hope it will give certainty to all users about the council's commitment to maintaining this popular facility in the Camborne/Pool/Redruth area.

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