Friday, 18 October 2013

Planning Application for 8 Tower Street

An application has been submitted for five flats, a shop and office on the site of the ramshackle warehouse at 8 Tower St, Launceston.

This site has previously been the subject of an application for six flats - which was turned down. The applicant then appealed and that appeal was refused.

More recently, pre-application planning advice was sought for a scheme featuring seven flats on the same site and the advice given was that this would probably not be allowed.

So what do you think of this scheme? It will include a shop on the ground floor at the front with an office above it. Behind these would be five flats.

My fear is that such a scheme would be dark and cramped and with little amenity space.

Let me know what you think and, if there are sufficient concerns, I will ask for the application to be considered by the planning committee rather than by officers using delegated powers.

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