Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Young people getting more of a say on Cornwall Council decisions

Young people will be getting more of a say in the decisions being taken by Cornwall Council's Children and Young People Portfolio Advisory Committee in the future.

The committee will now include as formal members Cornwall's three members of the youth parliament (MYPs) or their deputies.

This represents a massive step forward in giving young people in Cornwall a real say in decision making at the Council. Organisations are often accused of speaking for young people rather than allowing them to speak for themselves.  We wanted to change this and encourage them to work with us.

Inviting the MYPs to take part in meetings at the beginning of the process rather than just asking them to comment at the end means that they can now feed in the views of children and young people and directly influence decision making at the Council.  This will help to ensure that we are providing the services they want rather than the ones we think they should have.

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