Thursday, 26 September 2013

Western Road houses get the go ahead

Two new houses on Western Road in Launceston are to be built after an inspector overturned the decision of Cornwall councillors to reject a planning application.

The houses will be built on land next to 32 Western Road although the entrances will be on Carboth Lane. With others, I have made representations about the lack of outside space for the proposed houses and that there would be a retaining wall of up to 4 metres at the back of the properties - in one case just eight feet or so from the back upstairs windows. These arguments were accepted by the committee which voted to deny planning permission.

Nevertheless the inspector has upheld the appeal by the applicant and says that the amenity space (ie outside space) will be ok.

I'm disappointed by this decision. I'm not opposed to the idea of housing on this site but I do worry that the quality of the homes will not be what we need in Launceston.

The inspector also commented on the concerns that the development will pose a threat to the stability of Western Road. He has ruled that construction works cannot proceed until the council is satisfied that the retaining wall will be strong enough.

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