Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Upper Chapel Public Meeting

Tonight there was a huge turnout at the public meeting to discuss the plans to build 100 houses at Upper Chapel.

The meeting was organised by Cornwall Council's strategic planning committee - which will take the final decision on October 24th in Truro. Both Adam Paynter and myself asked for it because of our concern that local voices would not be heard at a meeting in Truro.

I didn't count the attendance but would estimate it at over 100. About 22 people spoke and every one objected to the development proposal. I think there is little doubt in the minds of the committee members there (not all could make it) that the people of Launceston oppose this plan.

The main reason for objection was the local highways. Neither Meadowside and Western Terrace, nor Moorland Road and St John's Road can cope with the extra traffic. There is also the worry about the impact on local services like schools, the medical centre and town bus.

As local members, neither Adam nor I spoke at the meeting as we have our opportunity to do so at the decision making meeting.

Earlier in the day there was a site visit by the committee and local councillors. As well as seeing the application site itself, we visited St Johns Road to see the school and police station and the narrow roads. We also visited Meadowside and the committee tried the junction of Western Terrace and Western Road for themselves.

Committee members are not allowed to speak or answer questions at these meetings - which can be strange and frustrating - as they are not allowed to prejudice their eventual decision which has to be taken on the 24th of October.

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