Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Launceston Hospital to fully re-open

Good news - if a little belated - that Launceston Hospital will be fully re-opening from 10th November. This has been a saga that has run for many months with between seven and ten beds closed for long periods and a temporary period of full closure.

Cornwall councillors, as well as the town council and local residents, had been very concerned about the loss of these beds. Whilst we were assured by the company managing the hospital - Peninsula Community Health - that they had no intention of closing the hospital permanently, there was a concern that the number of beds might be reduced for a long period and that the range of clinics and other services would suffer.

Community hospitals such as Launceston provide a very valuable service. They can't offer the acute treatment available from Treliske or Derriford, but they can help many people with less intensive treatment needs and are often a place where people who have been in an acute hospital can complete their recovery before going back to their former life. Keeping those beds closed had an impact on the work of the council and on the number of treatments that the acute hospitals could provide.

The major challenge for PCH was to recruit staff. I had questioned the management ability of the organisation given the huge cuts in beds across Cornwall. However I am delighted that they have now resolved these staffing issues and I look forward to seeing Launceston Hospital fully open and to the facility being able to offer an increased range of treatments to local residents.

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