Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Link Road development to be debated next week

The proposed supermarket, hotel, housing and fast food development on Launceston's Link Road will be debated next Thursday by the council's Strategic Planning Committee. The meeting will take place in Truro but be webcast from 10am for those who cannot make it in person.

This has been a proposal a long time in the making. The principle of employment use south of the Link Road is one which has been accepted for some time. But some of the details of this scheme have proved particularly controversial. These include the proposal to cut through the Millennium Avenue of oak trees in two places and the proportion of the site given over to housing.

The council cannot dictate the application that is made - it can only pass a yes or no judgement on what comes before it. In this case the application is a detailed one for the supermarket and major highways works. But the rest - hotel, housing etc - is all in 'outline'. In other words, only the principle is being debated and the details will be the subject of a further planning application in the future.

I will be attending the meeting next week as will Jade Farrington, the councillor for Launceston South - including the proposed development area.

Incidentally, the papers for this debate include details of some of the things that the developer is proposing to give to the town is the proposal is approved - so called section 106 contributions. As I understand it, the details given are an early draft rather than the final proposal.

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