Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lib Dems seeking a fresh start for Cornwall with a 'One and All' administration

Since the election last week produced a council in which no single party has overall control, there has been much speculation about how an administration might be formed. The Liberal Democrats have said that we are seeking to be part of a 'rainbow alliance' comprising all of the groups on the authority.

With discussions on-going, it is not helpful to give a running commentary, but our aims are set out in a letter that newly re-elected Lib Dem group leader Jeremy Rowe* sent to other groups last night.

To: All members of the Council

Dear Colleagues

I am writing to open up a dialogue on a way forward for the running of Cornwall Council.

The people of Cornwall have spoken and it is clear that no one group can claim the right to run the council on its own. We have huge challenges ahead and it is clear that we need to put our differences aside.

I would like to suggest that we see if we can create as wide an administration as possible to run Cornwall over the next four years, but we do this based on a common programme of principles which a shared administration would pursue. I hope these are things that everyone can agree on.

  • Protect the services which are important to the people of Cornwall;
  • Improve housing options including the building of new council houses for local families;
  • Keep council tax as fair as possible;
  • Drive the economy to create and protect jobs within Cornwall. Create additional apprenticeships to upskill local young people for the world of work;
  • Take more council decisions in local communities instead of in County Hall;
  • Always seek the best value for money and the most efficient services;
  • Keep our roads safe, clean and well-maintained and support our local economies by cutting parking charges;
  • Campaign for fair funding and additional powers from central government.

The people of Cornwall gave us all a challenge and an opportunity to come together for a fresh start - a One and All council. No one group will have a monopoly on good ideas and we would be happy to discuss anything that you think should be added to this list.

With best wishes

Cllr Jeremy Rowe
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Cornwall Council

*I was re-elected Deputy group leader at the same time - many thanks to my colleagues.


Mavsyn Ridware said...

How can this possibly work? Without any credible opposition it will be possible to push through legislation without taking responsibility. I didn't vote for this! It is anti-democratic and will be used to make cuts and push up council tax! For this reason I hope the Tories stay out of it and form a strong opposition to you and the Andrew Wallace Independent group.

Mick said...

completely agree Mavsyn, this is typical Lib Dems - when in opposition they take great delight in pointing the finger but now they have a chance of taking a major controlling stake they arent up to it and sit on the fence - the areas in Jeremy Rowes letter sums them up - exactly which services do they see as the important ones to protect? what is a 'fair' council tax? etc etc etc it is all waffle with the hope of others coming on board so they dont have to take any big decisions (which from the last time they were in power they didnt do either with failing services, constantly over budget etc).

As you say, if the Tories have any sense they will stay in opposition.