Friday, 31 May 2013

Kensey Valley Meadow grass cutting - David Attenborough to be called in?

Just when the residents of Kensey Valley Meadow thought that they were done with developer Elan Homes...

One aspect of the development that is still under the control of Elan is the maintenance of the open spaces on the estate. Cutting the grass and pruning the bushes is a responsibility that has not been handed over to Cornwall Council - although residents are assured that this is the plan.

The trouble is that Elan have not been doing the job they are meant to. The grass has not been cut this year and is now knee deep. The experience of last year was that Elan's contractors turned up once in a blue moon, hacked everything to death and then weren't seen for many months.

The residents of Kensey Valley Meadow deserve better than this from Elan. The developer keeps claiming that they have instructed contractors to come. But as no one ever turns up to do any work, we have to conclude that this is a lie.

I have asked the council to consider legal action to force Elan to keep to their responsibilities with all costs deducted from the bond held by the council over the development. But what everyone really wants is for the developer to do what they are meant to and what they have promised many times that they will do.

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