Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cornwall council's tax bill problem

Cornwall Council has admitted that many of the council tax bills they have sent out contain the wrong barcode on them. As a result, residents are finding it impossible to pay at their local post office.

Whilst the majority of residents pay their bills by direct debit and are not affected by this problem, it is still causing a concern for those who do pay in person and for the businesses where they pay. For post offices, being able to offer the council tax payment service is a way of drawing customers into the shop. In short, it helps them stay afloat. If bill payers start losing confidence in the system then the post offices will suffer.

The fault appears to lie with a contractor who printed and sent out the bills. As such, the cost of putting it right (which could be as much as £50,000) hopefully won't come back to local taxpayers. New bills are being sent out to the 81,000 households and businesses affected and will be with residents by the April 1st deadline for first payments to be made.

But it appears that many people affected have been kept in the dark about the problems and what is being done to put them right. Although a statement was put on the council's website, it seems post offices have not been kept up to date and so they are unable to advise their customers to wait until the new (corrected) bill arrives on their doormat.

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R OB said...

Well done, Alex - useful information for ALL the Cornwall council tax payers. Keep the information coming.