Thursday, 21 March 2013

Award for Cornwall Lib Dems

Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats have been named ‘Opposition Council Group of the Year’ by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Local Government Association Lib Dem group.

The award, announced at the recent party spring conference in Brighton, was handed over to the group by Party President Tim Farron during his visit to Cornwall yesterday, 20th March.

Receiving the award, Cllr Jeremy Rowe, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Cornwall Council, said:

“The whole group was delighted to receive this recognition from the party. We are a close knit team of people determined to do our best for our constituents and the whole of Cornwall.”

“Liberal Democrat councillors work hard both in county hall and in their divisions all year round. We are continually out on the doorstep talking to local residents, community groups and businesses.”

“Over the past year we have successfully achieved a budget which delivers a council tax freeze as well as investment in the services that people rely on like anti-social behaviour and potholes. But we have also seen successes in areas like parking, devolution and adult care.”

“As an opposition group, it is often difficult to change things. But Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats have successfully saved 20 libraries that were earmarked for closure by the Conservatives and saved many bus routes from the axe as well. We have spoken up for residents when the Conservatives couldn’t empty their bins.”

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Mick said...

opposition of the year...what a claim to fame!!! i really hope you win it again next year, the year after and for many years to come because we certainly dont want to return to the dark days of the county council when you showed us how an authority shouldnt be run! Its always easy to snipe and backstab when you are in opposition but your performance over the last few weeks when you have a sniff of poower shows us what we will return to. We wont forget and 2nd May you will be the minority party behinf the Independants and Tories and as for saving 20 libraries - yet more spin!! this was never the case, is completely untrue and looking at the budget you have brought in it looks like you have driven the nail for heaven knows what to happen for the library service. Thanks but no thanks Lib Dems.