Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cornwall Council backs Lib Dem council tax freeze and investment in services

Today, Cornwall Council accepted the Liberal Democrat budget alternative. As a result, in the coming financial year we will see:
  • council tax frozen
  • cuts to parking charges
  • our roads repaired
  • investment to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • a spring clean for Cornwall
None of this would have happened if the Liberal Democrats had not been pushing for it. The Council's Conservative-led administration was arguing for a 1.97% rise.

We put together our alternative because that is what residents told us they wanted. We listened to local people who said they could not afford to pay even more on their council tax bill. We listened to town centre businesses who said their future was being put at risk by high parking charges. And we listened to residents who said they wanted something more done to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Today the Independents and the Conservatives on the ruling cabinet tried to force through a council tax rise and no investment in services. But the Lib Dem amendment was backed by enough of the backbench Conservatives to do the right thing for Cornwall. I'm grateful for their support but it shows once again how out of touch the Conservative leadership are with the wishes of the people of Cornwall.

We acknowledge that these are still touch times for Cornwall Council. The programme we have put forward still requires lots of hard work by the council's excellent officers. But we are confident that this will produce a better Cornwall and focuses more on what local people want.

As ever, the Liberal Democrats have done our best for the people of Cornwall.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the job losses. p.s. no one believe the rest of the hype you've written here.

DNP said...

I think it's a bit early for your triumphalism. At the moment it's just a paper exercise. We'll be watching how it turns out but experience tells us that it won't be exactly that way you think it will.