Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Street sweeping and litter picking is working fine... says the Leader - UPDATED

According to the Leader of the Cornwall Council, street sweeping and litter picking services are working well and he is confident that the council is monitoring the contract properly.

This will come as a surprise to the residents of Launceston who have seen the contractor, Cory, fail to deliver the service they are paid to and fail to keep proper records. In addition, the council cannot provide even the most basic information in a reasonable time about what work is being done in each area.

I think it is time that the Leader (and the cabinet member responsible) paid a bit closer attention to such a core service.

UPDATE - Following a comment from Paul (below), it's worth re-iterating that the town of Launceston is split into two zones for street cleaning. The town centre (zone one) has a daily clean and is being done very well indeed. The areas where cleaning is not being done well are the remaining residential parts of the town which are known as zone two which are meant to get a six weekly clean.

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Paul Loft said...

Alex, think you ought to clarify your Launceston reference.
As residents & traders in Launceston town centre we have seen a HUGE improvement under the new contract.
We have street cleaners in town almost every day of the week (including Sundays), they are there all day and keep on top of the street cleaning brilliantly.

The street cleaners have also been cleaning weeds from gutters and pavements, something which was never addressed properly before.

Of course the picture may be different away from the town centre but I think you need to draw the distinction.