Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Launceston residents parking schemes go live on 25th February

A bit more positive news...

I've just received a go live date for the parking and highways changes that have happened in Launceston. Some of these have been keenly awaited for more than five years.

The schemes ready to go live include three residents parking schemes, new yellow lines, disabled parking bays and the moving of the motorcycle bay in town. To be honest, I think many people will be shocked to find that they aren't live and enforceable already!

The delay is mainly because everything is contained within a single legal order to save money. But that means a delay to one scheme delays them all. Some of the signs and lines have not been checked because the staff who need to do so have been tied up with repairs following the recent flood damage.

But I am now told by the Council that:
"Cormac have given me a guaranteed timescale that the works, checking and sealing the Traffic Regulation Order for the residents’ parking zones and other changes in Launceston will be completed by the 25th of February. The council will therefore be sending out permits with a start date of 25th February over the next few days and enforcement will be started during that week as well.

I apologise on behalf of the Council and Cormac for the delays with this scheme but as you are aware the changes to part of the scheme and subsequent poor weather have had an impact on delivery.
The apology is welcome, as is the news of the start date. I have asked that an apology be sent to those who have been waiting for their permits to come through and who have had no news for many months. This will be done.

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