Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend Day One - gardening

First day of the Jubilee weekend and I joined a wide variety of other people for some gardening in the centre of Launceston.

The event was organised by Ben Robbins of the Eden Project and Margaret Wills of Launceston in Bloom with the help of a lot of the Barefoot Games volunteers. We had plants, compost and equipment kindly donated by a range of people including Homeleigh Garden Centre.

(I have to say, I'm quite glad that I live in a flat with no outside space as the digging took it out of me!)

Also out and about in town were a huge group (a swashbuckle?) of St Pirans Pirates singing and sword-fighting for the crowds.

As well as the Jubilee weekend, the Charles Causley Festival has started with poetry walks, literary lunches and an art display on the ground floor of Liberty House.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a community picnic in Priory Park and then the Mark Grist performance at Harvey's in the evening. If anyone still wants to come along to that event, be warned, there were only half a dozen tickets left this morning so turn up early to buy one on the door.

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