Friday, 11 May 2012

Love Launceston loyalty card launch day

Today was the launch day for the Love Launceston loyalty card and I spent all day in the town square handing the cards out and explaining the scheme to locals and visitors. I was with Paul and Jeremy Loft from Gillards who have been the main organisers of the scheme and fellow councillor Phil Parsons.

The scheme is an attempt by the towns traders to encourage people to come shopping in the town centre. At the last count, 66 local shops and businesses have started offering discounts or special deals to their customers on production of their loyalty card. These are typically 10% off or buy one, get something else free - a decent discount which would more then compensate for the cost of parking in the town (which is still too high).

The economy and other factors (like parking) are hitting town traders hard and this is their attempt to fight back. All four local Cornwall Councillors have helped by putting money into the scheme to cover the start up costs alongside Barclays and Specsavers and the Chamber of Commerce.

A bit of a cold and windy day turned into a bright and sunny one and the town square was packed with people who knew about the scheme and were eager to claim their card as well as those who didn't know about the scheme but wanted to hear more. We talked to more than 750 people today and we'll be doing the whole thing again tomorrow. But from 8.30am when the first card was used in Bray Farm Shop, people have been taking and using the cards and claiming their deals.

Also present today was the Tweetbus, a vehicle that goes around Cornwall promoting local businesses via twitter. Many thanks to them for coming along and chatting to local people and businesses.

If you didn't get a card today, please come along tomorrow. If you can't manage that, cards can be claimed from all the participating businesses.

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RIK JONES said...

Hi Guys, Congratulations on the launch of your "Discount Card". When I took over as the Chairman of Liskeard Chamber of Commerce January 2011 I suggested to our members that we should have something like this in Liskeard. The idea was voted against.
I just wish that they were like you guys and gave it a go and wish you every success with the card.

Rik Jones