Monday, 14 May 2012

Liberal Democrats pledge money back for missed bin collections

Cornish Liberal Democrats have today announced a manifesto commitment to refund residents who have their waste collection missed. If we are in control of the authority after next May's elections, we will commit to giving a £1 reduction on the next council tax bill to any household whose waste or recycling is still not collected 48 hours after they report a missed collection.

The move to a new waste contract has been a tale of incompetence from the current Tory-led administration. Residents across Cornwall have suffered from missed collections, new recycling containers not being delivered and the Council has failed spectacularly to deal with the number of calls and emails from an understandably exasperated public.

We know that picking up your bins is one of the most basic services provided by the council and one which every single household relies on. That is why we are determined to put right the failures of the current regime.

We pledge that, if you report your black bag or recycling collection has been missed, we will apologise properly and collect it within 48 hours. If we fail to do that, we'll give you £1 off your next year's council tax.

Cornish Liberal Democrats believe that delivering high quality basic services at an affordable price is the first priority of any local authority. Our manifesto, which will be unveiled over the coming months in the run up to next year's election, will put the needs of the people of Cornwall first.

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Rob's blog said...

It's a good idea I can't argue with that. However I'm dying to know the details, like the costings of it, how many refunds would be budgeted for,where the refund money would come from and how many extra staff the tax department would need to administer the scheme.