Saturday, 19 May 2012

Great offer - shame about the publicity

Today, as Cornwall sees the Olympic Torch make its way through, all Cornwall Council car parks are free for the day. This is a great initiative which also applies to those ares (like Launceston) which the torch procession is not coming near.

The shame is that the publicity in the car parks is so terrible that many drivers have ended up paying when they didn't need to.

The first picture shows the ticket machine and information board at the Walk House car park in Launceston. Can you see the information advising people that they don't have to pay?

In fact, there are two such notices.

The first is the official version, in orange at the bottom right of the information board. It's low down, well below eye level, and the text is complex and unclear to some people.

The other notice is a completely unofficial note taped over the coin slot.

A quick check around the car parks - which was almost completely full - showed that there were six cars where the driver had paid for a ticket. I talked to three drivers in the town square who had also missed the official notice and paid for parking.

Although the council has made it quite clear that they won't be refunding drivers who paid, I do think they should be apologising for the poor official notices and undertake to improve in the future. I've also asked for an official count of the number of drivers in each town across Cornwall who have paid.

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