Monday, 28 May 2012

George Eustice - the John Terry of politics

Amid all the joy over the Government's welcome decision on the pasty tax, one slightly sour note is the decision by George Eustice to promote himself as the leader of the campaign to stop the measure.

According to the Telegraph:

"George Eustice, a Conservative Cornish MP, who has led the campaign to change the proposed tax increase on pasties, welcomed the move."

George, like his fellow Cornish MPs, all backed the key amendment to the budget debate, but this was put forward by St Austell and Newquay MP Steve Gilbert, who also arranged the debate last week to keep the pressure up - a debate that Mr Eustice didn't even attend.

As with any successful campaign, there was no one leader of this one. As mentioned in my last post, people like Kernow King, Steve, John Endacott, the Western Morning News (and the Sun), and I played a key role from start to finish but it was a wider campaign than any single one of us (and I've certainly forgotten other key people - apologies).

Mr Eustice is acting like the John Terry of politics - turning up after the campaign has been won and claiming credit.

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Nick von Westenholz said...

To be fair, it seems to me that it's the Telegraph giving him the credit rather than him claiming it...