Thursday, 10 May 2012

BREAKING - Stadium DOES want our cash - UPDATED

After months of saying that the proposed stadium for Cornwall would be constructed without and taxpayer subsidy, it seems that both developers and Cornwall Council have been leading us up the garden path.

The developers have approached Cornwall Council asking for money to fund the project and it is being considered as an emergency item for the full council agenda next Tuesday.

At the last full council meeting in March, the council agreed to a Conservative motion that any decision on subsidy for the stadium - either in direct cash terms or indirectly - would need to come back to full council for approval. At the time, this was thought just to be a shot across the bows of the Tory leadership which seems out of step with their own backbenchers on this issue.

Now the Chairman of the Council has received a request from the Leader to add an extraordinary item to the agenda. Although I oppose taxpayer subsidy for a stadium which I fear will have little or no community benefit, I think that it should be debated on Tuesday. Otherwise the Cabinet of ten is likely to just make the decision anyway and ignoring the remaining 113 of us. If the majority of councillors agree to the request then, as a democrat, I'd accept that.

More to come...

UPDATE 1: It seems that Cornwall Council has confirmed that there will be a debate at full council next week. A statement has gone out to the press but, for the second time in a week, members have been kept in the dark.

UPDATE 2: Scott Mann, the former Tory Deputy Leader who resigned that position over claims of a secret plan to put public money into the statement has taken to twitter to highlight the disparity between claims then and now.

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