Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MPs vote on #pastytax

MPs tonight voted by 295 to 260 against the Cornish Lib Dem amendment to abandon the Government's proposal for the pasty tax which will cost Cornish jobs.

During a debate on the budget VAT measures, there were seven MPs called to speak on the issue of static caravans and five on the subject of church alterations, but only one (Stephen) on the issue of the pasty tax.

The resultant vote was a lot closer than might have been predicted. Labour (sensibly) withdrew their own amendment on the subject which was not so well supported and allowed the vote to take place on the Cornish amendment. All six Cornish MPs backed this amendment - which shows both solidarity and hope for the future that the Government might still listen to reason.

The fight will go on as Dan Rogerson will be taking a group of pasty makers to meet with a Treasury Minister soon to explain why the proposals will hurt Cornish jobs.

But as things stand, I won't be buying Nick Clegg a pasty again. (Pic shows Nick eating a pasty I bought for him while talking to Cornish Lib Dems in Bodmin.)

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