Friday, 20 April 2012

Consultation starts next week on Launceston traffic plans

At long last a consultation on plans to introduce residents parking and new yellow lines in Launceston and the surrounding area will be going to public consultation next week.

Together with my colleagues Sasha Gillard-Loft and Adam Paynter, I've been making representations for changes to various highways rules and regulations for a number of months. Because of the cost of making such changes (typically over £3500 for legal work and advertising), groups of requests are stored up until they reach a critical mass for a particular town or area.

Among the changes going out to consultation are proposals to introduce residents parking schemes in Kensey Hill, Race Hill and part of Western Road. There are plans for new yellow lines in Moorland Road in order to allow the town bus to pass freely and for new disabled parking bays in various streets. There are various other proposals around the town including the official removal of the now redundant parking bays outside the old Newport Post Office.

The official consultation starts on April 25th and lasts until May 18th. Properties which would be entitled to buy residents parking permits will receive a letter from the council. Other residents and visitors are encouraged to have their say as well by responding to the notices which will be in local press and advertised on the Cornwall Council website from the 25th. I'll post a link when this is available.

UPDATE - I forgot to mention originally that the price for the first car in a residents parking scheme has been cut from £55 to £25. A consultation in Truro found that many people would not be prepared the higher figure.

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