Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jake Lyne becomes youngest Lib Dem councillor in Cornwall

Jake Lyne has just been declared the winner of the Bodmin Town Council by election.

The full result is

Jake Lyne - Lib Dem - 442
Independent - 213
Menyon Kernow - 194
Conservative - 141

The turnout was 18.36% and it was a Lib Dem gain from Independent.

That's a great result for Jake who, at 19 becomes the youngest member of the town council by some 20 years and the youngest elected Lib Dem in Cornwall (St Agnes Labour Parish Councillor Joe Vinson is 18).

As well as being a fantastic result for the Lib Dems, it was a terrible night for the Tories. Local Tory bigwig Lance Kennedy and his Tories came a pretty poor fourth (and last). It's not exactly going to inspire confidence in his bid to become the Tory candidate for Police Commissioner.

It's also a kick in the teeth for whoever decided to deliver a particularly nasty (and illegal) anonymous attack leaflet last night. I'm delighted that the voters of Bodmin wouldn't give any credibility to such smears and we will let the Police deal with it.

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Mickft said...

Don't expect the police to do anything. When Labour councillors were caught red-handed by the Sunday Times fiddling postal votes in May 2007 nothing happened and no-one was prosecuted.