Friday, 16 March 2012

Cornwall's parking service needs second bail-out

Cornwall Council's parking service will need a second bailout this year according to a report being presented to next week's cabinet meeting.

Back when the budget was agreed the Lib Dems warned that racking up car park charges would result in less income not more. At the time, cabinet member Graeme Hicks said that he was confident in the predictions. Then, in the autumn, he was persuaded by officers to cut the amount they could expect to make from car parking by a massive £2.5 million.

The latest papers reveal that Cllr Hicks will miss his revised target by another £600,000.

The first target resulted in delays to road safety schemes across Cornwall as Cllr Hicks scrambled to cover his losses. On Wednesday we will try to find out how the latest financial cock up will be covered.

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lanson rider said...

Surely this is a resignation issue