Monday, 19 March 2012

Cornwall Council puts increased cemetery fees on hold

Steve Double, the new Cabinet Member for Environment and Shared Services, has received a lot of flak for the Council's proposed new bereavement policy. As part of this policy, cemetery fees in much of Cornwall are facing a massive rise. However, he has just sent out the following email to all councillors:

Further to my recent email, I have today taken the decision to put the implementation of the new policy and scale of fees for our Bereavement Service on hold. As a result it will now not be implemented on 1st April.

I have now had the opportunity to listen to the feedback from providers of funeral services as well as the concerns raised by fellow members. This has highlighted a number of issues including the increases in the fees. Therefore, I have decided to take some time to review the policy in the light of the concerns expressed to ensure it is right for Cornwall before it takes effect.

Once I have had time to consider the issues raised I will then ensure members are informed before the policy is implemented. As a result of this decision the briefing arranged for 29th March will now not go ahead.

We will be writing to Funeral Directors and other providers to advise them of this decision.


Steve Double

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James Bryant said...

Common sense has prevailed I hope.