Saturday, 7 January 2012

No you may not call your child 'Anal'

Way back in 2008 I wrote a post about silly names given to children and it's proved to be one of my most popular posts - even though I suspect most people are actually looking for public transport between Edgware and Victoria. Now officials in New Zealand have released a list of names they have refused to allow parents to give to their children.

There are no specifically banned names, officials insist. But the rules state that they must be less than 100 characters long, not appear to confer a position on the child (so Princess and Justice have both been refused on a number of occasions) and cannot be offensive. In the latter category, some parents apparently wanted to bestow the name 'Anal' on their newborn - a case where government prevention seems the least they deserve.

Numbers ('89'), Roman Numerals ('II' and 'III') and keyboard symbols '*' and '/') are banned, as are single letters ('J' is popular, presumably among Simpsons fans) and religious references (lots of 'Lucifers' have been saved).

There are a few of the names which sound like they should be adopted by bands - 'Yeah Detroit' and 'Keenan Got Lucy' are great - but nothing trumps 'Tulula Does The Hula From Hawaii', or Kay as she now prefers.

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Foss said...

Kate and I have decided not to find out the sex of our child, due in February. If it's a girl we want to go for something pretty and goddess-like. Maybe Apostrophe. Or Chlamydia.

Seriously though, I agree that in some cases someone needs to step in and say no. In these cases, the parents are going to set their child up for years of abuse and torment at the hands of his/her peers. That's not on!