Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Devonwall boundary review - the next stage approaches

Today the Boundary Commission will be making their announcement about the next stage in the process that is leading inexorably towards a cross-border 'Devonwall' parliamentary constituency.

The second formal consultation stage will take place over the four weeks from March 6th until April 3rd. This is the stage at which people can read what others contributed during the first consultation stage and comment on them. In essence, it's the chance to rebut and argue with those who you disagree with.

Back in the autumn the first consultation stage saw thousands of individuals, organisations (including Cornwall Council) and political parties make their views known in written form and at public hearings.

After this second stage, the Boundary Commission will be considering everything they have heard and deciding whether to stick with their original plans or change them. If they opt for change then there will be a further eight week consultation period.

After that (assuming there will be some changes) they must publish their final proposals by the 1st of October 2013 and Parliament will vote on the proposals that month.

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