Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A day to be proud of Cornish blogging

Each year, Total Politics produces a list of the top political bloggers in the UK. This is broken down into various categories, including lists by party and by sector. In their list of the top blogging councillors, Cornwall provides no fewer than 6 of the top 30.

Congratulations to Jude Robinson (number 27), Stephen Richardson (16), Jeremy Rowe (14), Dick Cole (13) and Andrew Wallis (6). I came in at number 7.

It's interesting to note the spread of writers. There are two Lib Dems, two MK, one Labour and one Indie. Although there are a couple of Conservative councillors that blog, perhaps neither of them does so often enough to make the list. Hopefully they will do next year.

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Mark Cole said...

Hadn't spotted this. How have I ended up being counted twice in the poll?!