Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kensey Valley Meadow residents meeting

Tonight I went to a great meeting of residents from Kensey Valley Meadow. It was a follow up to the play day and consultation event we held on the development at the end of April and dealt with issues to do with the roads adoption, the possible new play area and the forming of a formal residents association.

The first thing to say is that there was an incredible turnout. I worried that on a nice sunny evening we might have half a dozen people there. But there were more than 40 in total and we had a great discussion.

My thanks to Steve Ewing, Cornwall Council's estate roads manager for our area who came to talk about the progress of road adoption and who answered loads of questions. The long and the short of it is that the original timetable is still being followed so we will see the upper part of the estate formally adopted in late August and the lower part of the estate enter a 12 month maintenance period at around the same time. There were quite a few concerns over what appears to be slow progress on the lower part and we'll chase this up.

We went on to discuss play areas. The consultation and survey was explained by Anicka Dyer from CN4C and highlighted the fact that residents feel there is a shortage of play space, but there are also concerns about how you can safely retrofit play space into a development which was designed without such matters in mind. (A black mark to the former NCDC for allowing the original requirement for play space to drop). The council will now try to work up a scheme based on the responses but residents were reassured that they will be consulted on a final proposal which would also require planning permission.

There were also a lot of willing volunteers to help lead a residents association and another council officer, Alison Gibson, is helping to put this together. I have offered to give a grant from my community chest budget to help the residents association get off the ground because it will be a very important voice for local people. It doesn't mean that I'll be doing any less speaking up for local people, but it does mean that there will be more neighbourliness and community events.

Finally, we had a question and answer session on issues such as grit bins and buses and I have a list of issues to chase up.

Many thanks to everyone for coming along - especially on such a great evening - and to Mark O'Brien for organising it. It was great to put a few more faces to email addresses!

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