Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fair funding campaign launched by Cornwall Lib Dems

Cornwall Council will be asked to address the unfair treatment of parts of Cornwall in a motion submitted to the Annual Council Meeting next week.

My colleague Ann Kerridge, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Bodmin West will be proposing the motion. She has said: “The Council already has to collect data to measure whether or not women, the disabled and other minority groups are receiving fair treatment in terms of employment and services. I think it is just as important that we have the data so we can assess whether all parts of Cornwall are getting a fair deal."

“Kevin Lavery and the Tory led cabinet have to realise that most people think that Truro always comes first and the rush to build a stadium at the taxpayers’ expense near Truro does nothing to dispel that perception.”

Jeremy Rowe (Councillor for St Issey and newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrat group) said: “The composition of the Cabinet with just 3 members from East Cornwall and seven from the Western half imposes a responsibility to demonstrate that all of Cornwall is getting a fair deal. The fact that most of the Council’s senior officers live near County Hall only increases the feeling that East Cornwall is the poor relation. Let’s get the facts on the table so councillors and the public have the evidence to judge where most of the council’s money is being spent.”

Edwina Hannaford (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Looe West and Lansallos) said: “I am especially interested in economic development. It’s quite wrong that all the effort is directed at the ‘Golden Triangle’ bounded by Truro, Falmouth and Camborne with the rest of the county getting very little attention. Earlier in the year when East Cornwall was getting the lion’s share of library cuts we had to fight to get a fairer balance. If fairness across Cornwall was addressed in the first place then a lot of time and heartache would be saved.”

Tamsin Williams (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Penzance West) added: "It is essential that all parts of Cornwall are recognised and given the help they deserve. Cornwall has some of the poorest areas in the UK. Penzance is an example of this. It is the Council's duty to prioritise the whole of Cornwall from a strategic point of view, so we can survive and compete in such a challenging economic climate. Cornwall Council was formed as a Single Strategic authority for the whole of Cornwall. It is about time the current Tory-led administration delivered on that promise."

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