Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New youth cafe for Launceston?

This lunchtime I had a great meeting with two of the people behind Jericho's and Liberty House in Tower Street in Launceston. We were discussing the idea of a youth cafe for Launceston.

A youth cafe would give young people a space to meet and to be themselves, doing whatever they want to do in a safe environment. The aim behind it is about generating a sense of community and helping young people to interact more with their peers and to make the best of themselves. It wouldn't involve structured activities - but would allow opportunities for young people to decide for themselves if they wanted anything more organised. There would also be someone on hand to point people in the right direction if they want to know more about a particular issue or to get involved with a particular event.

One advantage of this project are that it would be a space dedicated to young people on a regular basis that isn't in a pub. At the moment there is so little to do in our town for young people that they end up either sitting at home or going to the pub under age. We have a few projects started recently - including the skate park and the acoustic night at Jericho's - and these are great. A youth cafe would be one more option.

This project is still very much in the early days. Issues of funding and timing still need to be addressed, but full marks to everyone at Liberty House for thinking of this.

The next stage is to get the buy in of young people in our town. So if you have any ideas about this project, please get in touch or leave your thoughts below.


Mia G said...

There is actually a youth cafe in the town held at the Launceston Youth Project 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)from 2pm till 5pm. There is no structure and is a place where they can come and meet up with their friends, chill out, buy food/drinks (non alcoholic) and chat with workers (if they so wish). There is at the same time a Share information advice and guidance worker on hand in case any of them need more than a chat.

Mia G said...

There is believe it or not a youth cafe in Launceston held on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm till 5pm at the Launceston Youth Project. They can access youth workers and Share Information, Advice and Guidance worker if they need support in any way, but they can also just come have tea, coffee etc food and just hang out if that is what they want. This is starting next week when the youth club re opens after undergoing a slight refurb.

Rachael said...

I was a little dissapointed when I read this, I am a youth support worker at launceston Youth Project. I agree that we do not want young people with nothing to do and this is why we run evening sessions mondays, wednesdays and fridays, we run a youth cafe on tuesday and thursday afternoons and we have just finished offering summer trips which included Thorpe Park , tree sufing and shopping in Plymouth. We work very hard to engage, support and provide young people with a warm, safe and friendly environment. I feel that this article should have given a true reflection of what is offered to our young people of Launceston.