Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lib Dems launch campaign to save Launceston Library

Today the Liberal Democrats are launching a campaign to save Launceston Library. The facility is under threat from the current round of budget cuts being proposed by Cornwall Council.

Yesterday we received the final budget proposals which will be rubber stamped by the Cabinet at its meeting on Wednesday. Despite pleas from scrutiny for more information on the plans to cut almost a million pounds from the library budget, no more detail has been given.

When the budget proposals were originally circulated, it was clear that a cut of this magnitude would mean the closure of a huge number of local libraries. The later budget papers included the same scale of cut but without any of the details of how it would be achieved.

For all that the Conservatives say that they do not want to cut libraries, without a solid and credible plan for making the savings our local libraries (not just Launceston, but across Cornwall) remain under threat.

And so we are launching our campaign today. We are delivering a leaflet to every house in the town asking people to back the campaign and we will also be collecting petitions right up until the final budget decision is made on November 30th. There is still time for the Council to back away from cutting libraries.

If you can help collect petitions, please contact me using the details given on the right of the screen.

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David said...

I wholly applaud this campaign, Launceston without a library is unthinkable. Alex please tell Truro 'NO'!