Monday, 15 November 2010

Launceston Library - users write

Since Cornwall Council's threat to close Launceston library and other libraries across Cornwall, I've received lots of messages for local residents in support of the campaign to keep it open. Below are just four of the emails I've received:

Library User 1

“My parents are in their 80s and use the library in Launceston on a regular basis. Because of his eyesight, my father likes the large print books that they stock. We are dismayed to learn that Cornwall Council is proposing to close most of its libraries... the library is also invaluable in helping children to read... The staff are friendly and helpful and there is a wide selection of books.”

Library User 2

“As a resident I am appalled at the prospect of Launceston Library closing. It is an important community building, not just for the book service it provides, including the vital reference library but also it is a place where people from outlying villages agree to meet. I use it frequently for reference purposes and also have the joy of taking my grandchildren there on a regular basis - it has been a prime motivator in these children aged 6 and 5 becoming avid book readers.This asset must remain”

Library User 3

“We were sad when both our Mummy and Grandad told us that Launceston Library may be closing soon. We go there regularly with Mummy, Daddy and Grandad and take books home to read in addition to our school books. It is a lovely quiet place to go and look at books when we are waiting for grown ups to finish their shopping or visit the dentist and we would miss it very much if it closed. Please help to keep it open.”

Library User 4

“Due to Launceston's position in the County it would be difficult, if not impossible, for many current and potential future users to access a library service elsewhere, particularly for those members of the community who have to rely on public transport. The Library is of special value to the older generation and to young people. For anyone on limited means, who cannot afford to continually purchase books, the Library is the only alternative available. Additionally, the support and advice of its staff are invaluable, as is access to the reference section. Further it is also much used by book clubs, I myself belong to "Booktalk", and for the encouragement of reading by children through the various activities it organises. The Library provides easy access to the internet for those who do not have that resource at home. With the increasing emphasis on the use of the internet for daily living, without access many less affluent and older members of society will be disadvantaged and excluded.”

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