Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Flooding in Launceston

Today saw severe flooding across Cornwall which has affected many thousands of people. In Launceston we were not immune as Lorraine Conway's picture shows. The Kensey burst its banks and properties in Riverside were badly hit.

The flooding here could have been a lot worse without the swift action of council staff who conducted an emergency clean of the gulleys in areas likely to be hit. Unlike Mevagissey, Lostwithiel etc, Launceston is fortunate that if we flood it is because of the run off from the hills surrounding the town and so we get some warning. That doesn't make it any better for those homes which were hit, but it helped to stop many more families suffering. Huge thanks to the people who swung into action so quickly.

The Prime Minister, answering a question from St Austell MP Stephen Gilbert, promised that the Government would provide all the help needed. As well as helping to make sure people are back in their homes as quickly as possible, I'm sure that Cornwall Council will be making the case that, being out on a peninsula and with our unique geography, Cornwall needs the funding to be able to prevent floods from causing such damage and to ensure that we can clear gulleys on a regular basis.

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neil craig said...

Must be an effect of all that catastrophic warming we are, if the political establishmemt are not entirely corrupt, currently sweltering under.