Monday, 29 November 2010

Campaign to save Launceston Library reaches 1000 mark

More than 1000 people have now signed up to the campaign to save Launceston Library.

The campaign was started when it became clear that the Conservative led administration at County Hall wanted to cut around £1 million from the libraries and one stop shops budget over the course of the next two years. The administration claims it does not yet know how it will achieve the saving but we know that they have an unpublished plan which would see the closure of all but nine branches across Cornwall.

If that programme of closures were to go ahead then many branches which are at the heart of local communities would close - including Launceston.

I have proposed an amendment to the Council's emergency budget which would require the Council to publish their plans for changing the service and for full council to vote to approve them before any changes could be made.

It's fantastic that so many people have signed up to support the campaign in such a short period of time. The collection of names of supporters will carry on until we know what the Council has planned for our library.

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Katherine O'Mahoney said...

Hi Alex!

Is there an online petition which I can sign? (I used to use Lanson library a lot!) Do you have a link? Thanks!